Monday, July 2, 2012

Just Fab Review!

What is JustFabulous? JustFabulous is a monthly subscription site and everything on the site is 39.95. All you have to do is take their Fashion Personality quiz and you will get selected styles just for you! If you aren't feelin anything from the site that month or you're indecisive, you have the option of skipping the month and your credit card will not be billed! Still a little confused? Click here to settle your confusion!

About 5 months ago I was Prom shoe shopping and I just happen to stumble upon the site where there were tons of shoe selections. Now I was looking for red shoes ONLY and I decided to order these shoes because they were the only red pair I saw and they looked pretty decent. I received the shoes about a week or so later, I'm not exactly sure when, but to my surprise they were NOTHING like the pictures on the site. I was super disappointed and nearly canceled my subscription to them, but I was convinced to hold that thought and just wait to see what the new collection had in store. From a store by Kimora Lee Simons I excepted Topnotch quality shoes, and these were not. They honestly looked like someone had already worn them and I had received a refurbished pair. The suede material look water damaged and scratched, it was not something I wanted to keep. But did like the skull zipper. Although my first purchase was not so good, I continued to shop at the site and they gradually got better. I now own about 3 pairs from JustFabulous and they are completely fine. Words of advice, just be careful buying from this site, I always stay away from the suede material only because I'm super picky about it but everything else it fine. I would definitely recommend some of the shoes from this site but not ALL especially not this pair!

What they looked like online

What they looked like in real life

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