Thursday, May 17, 2012

REVIEW: My Glam Bag!

My May Glam Bag.. This would be the very first one I have received and to be honest I am really disappointed with it.. It came in a really awesome metallic pink bubble mailer and then I saw the make-up bag.. I'm not fond of it... I guess that's what you get for what, $10? Inside the bag included:
  • Sample of Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray
  • Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick
  • Miss Beauty Nail Bling 
  • My glam concealer & Defining eyeliner brush
If any of you guys have purchased Birchbox or are subscribed to them, this is really similar. Everything is basically sample size or is a sample (which you could probably get at the mall for free) for $10. I'm not sure if they give you one full size and the rest sample, but I don't particularly like the choices they have for this month. I will NEVER use the nail art or "bling", its actually hideous. Also the lipstick color is like every other nude color lipstick, I dont see how its any better than a revlon lilpstick.. I already have the sample from philosophy... AND the brushes I guess are the only thing that I like, I haven't tried them out yet, but they seem decent. Although I might just end up using the eyeliner brush as one of my nail art brushes lol. I might unsubscribe, this could possibly be a waste of money so.. if anyone can change my mind please do so haha. Sorry to everyone who loves this so much, I'm just giving my honest opinion like always.

Also, shipping was not fast whatsoever, it took a while and frankly I HATE waiting a long time to receive stuff!

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