Monday, March 26, 2012

REVIEW: Play Lashes

Hola! Como estas?! I hope everyone is doing well! I'm just starting my spring break, (so here come more videos .. soon! haha) Anyways, about 3 weeks ago I had contacted Eileen (Owner of Play Lashes) via twitter about doing a review for her. I actually found out about her company through twitter because I had recently went through my followers list, and happened to stumble across her page. I had never heard of Play Lashes before yet alone that eyelashes could be made from mink fur! Play Lashes is 100% cruelty free, they brush every strand they use off of the mink so that it doesn't hurt them! (KUDOS because I am a Vegetarian!) And they fact that they are so high quality makes you want to have a pair (which will probably last you 6 months or longer if you don't wear falsies that often!) Check out the review video for more! :)

Where can you find Play Lashes?


Enter the promocode "Anisa" for 20% your purchase at

What they looked like in the case before I took them out! They are so beautiful!!

Case is off! They are such luscious and soft lashes! ADORE THEM!

She packages these eyelashes in such a cute way, LOVE THEM!!

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