Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Candylens' Circle lens from Korea Review

Just recently, I bought from Candylens.com and if you don't know already..they sell circle lens' haha. I know they also sell other things too BUT on to the review. I bought 2 different pairs of circle lens'. The first one was Geo Xtra Carnation Gray and the other one was a Geo Xtra Carnation Brown. I bought both of them for the price of $17.90(USD) each. First off for the Gray contacts, they were really comfortable; easy to put in and take out. The only thing is that by the end of the day my eyes were super dry (which means you'll need eye drops). For the Brown contacts, it was horrible. I don't know why but they irritated my eyes like CRAZY. It was so hard to put them in and the worst part was that I wore them for about 4 -5 hours and my eyes were like burning because they were SOOO DRY. It made me soo sad because the brown ones were sooo cute! Anyways, let's talk about service. The site sends the package via USPS (United States Parcel System) and they say it takes about 15-25 working days to receive it.  That my dear, is the downside. By the time I received my package..I had forgotten that I even purchased it! But it makes up for it because they send you a free pair of contact lens cases with every contact lens that you purchase.. and you get a hand written thank you card! But as for looks, they look great, it's just the discomfort that it gave my eyes after a while.

Overall rating for the Geo Xtra Carnation Gray: 3.5/5
Overall rating for the Geo Xtra Carnation Brown: 2/5

Time for pictures!
(Geo Xtra Carnation Gray)

(Geo Xtra Carnation Gray)

(Geo Xtra Carnation Gray)

(Geo Xtra Carnation Brown)
Sorry I didn't have more pictures of the brown!


  1. You're gorgeous! I just found your youtube channel and subbed and now I'm following your blog with blog lovin ;) Can't wait to see more posts!

    Much love from Australia xoxo


    P.S You have really white teeth, so jealous!

  2. They look pretty awesome :)
    But not gonna lie they look really weird in the jars, like they would be too big for your eyes haha <3

  3. oh i know right?! i was sooo scared they weren't going to fit!

  4. You are beautiful and your taste for fashion, so unique, so special, adore that,love your pretty face
    Check out my blog if you have the time :D

  5. Why thank you :)
    I definitely checked out your blog and i love ROMWE! I actually bought tights and earrings not too long ago from there :)

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